Golden Retriever of the Month – Parker Pup

Today is World Cancer Day, so I figured it was the perfect day to feature February’s Golden Retriever of the Month, Parker, aka “Parker Pup”.


“Parker” –

Parker is a 5 year old golden retriever from Beaverton, Oregon who says his most important job, aside from being a loyal family member, is being a therapy dog.  He likes to visit cancer patients and children learning to read.  Parker earned his CGC before the age of one.  He is also a cancer advocate by often raising funds and awareness.  Aside from his busy schedule, in his spare time he likes to hang out with his big “sister” Daisy and competes in Agility.

This video explains most of his work to date:

Parker is a model and celebrity in the dog world.  Here he is in Time’s Square:

parkertimessquare2He was issued in the December 2009 issue of Vanity Fair

Parker Pup in Vanity Fair 2009 Issue -

Parker Pup in Vanity Fair 2009 Issue –

Parker has also appeared in print and television ads and won  2 WorldWide Fido crowns.  You can read all about his life from puppyhood on his website or visit his facebook page at and Twitter @parkerpupdotcom

If you read my blog, you have seen some of the videos I have posted of Parker and his “sister” Daisy staring in their own YouTube videos.  These are not to be missed!! Check out their YouTube channel here.

Just last month Parker starred in a live performance of “Cheaper by the Dozen” which ran for several nights at the Hart Theatre in Hillsboro and he received amazing reviews.


Parker in Cheaper by the Dozen –

I managed to get in touch with Parker’s human, Jenn, who answered a few questions for me on behalf of Parker.

Question:  Where is your favorite place to sleep?

Parker:  “Recently I’ve been allowed (when I am invited) to get up into the chair to sit on my human’s lap. But if I’m not invited, I have a really comfy pillow close to the fireplace where I love to lay.”

Question:  What is your favorite toy?

Parker: “Tennis balls! Actually technically my favorite is my orange and blue Chuck-It ball. ”

Question:  Do you ever steal food off of the counter?

Parker:  “Never.”

Question:  What is the last thing you destroyed?

Parker:  ” I haven’t destroyed anything for quite awhile.Unless, well.. do you count tomato plants in the backyard? If that’s the case, I LOVE to swipe tomatoes out in the back yard, LOL!! Wait.. is this ‘on the record?’

Question:  Where is your favorite spot to be petted?

Parker: “Ear scratchies and neck massages. My family does the whole TTouch thing all over about every other day and I love it” (and it’s good for checking for lumps and bumps, too).

Thanks Jenn and Parker!

Okay, now for the serious stuff.  Cancer

Parker is active in raising money for both The Morris Animal Foundation and The American Cancer Society. On April 28, 2013 he is participating in Elk Grove K9 Cancer Walk Benefiting Morris Animal Foundation.  Here is the link to his fundraising page.  Help them reach there goal, they are almost halfway there!

Support Parker Pup here!

Do you know a special golden retriever who would like to be golden retriever of the month?  Email with photos/details

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  1. Simba and Jo are sooo…proud of you, Parker! Congratulations!!! You ARE the CUTEST “golden” EVER, and we LOVE you, sweet boy! Such an awesome video that made us “smile”…we are so honored to be your friend!! We are truly “golden” BFF’s FOREVER!! Thank you so much for making our day a great one! Lots of loving hugs….xoxo.

  2. he is very cute! his family are great! because they treat him as a family member! in fact
    our pets are our great family!

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