Golden Retriever of the Month – “Jack Maffei”

Jack Maffei a handsome 1 year old golden retriever from San Diego, California and  is a typical California boy.  He captured my heart from his many adventures on his Facebook page.  His birthday is December 5th.  Something tells me we will be seeing more of this young man.  We have 10 years at least, hopefully Tucker and Jack will be able to run on the beach together someday…sigh…

Jack loves to swim…  Everywhere.  In the ocean:

jackoceanIn the pool:


.And even in fountains:

Jack Maffei

Jack’s favorite toy is the good ‘ol fashioned tennis ball.

Jack Maffei -

Jack loves to shop, and he’s got style.

jack shoping

Jack likes to travel in style too…look at that proud grin!

jack beverly hills

Jack also likes to stay in touch with his friends on his Facebook and Twitter pages.


Jack has no brothers or sisters, but has lots of friends!  This is Chuck…

jack and chuckSometimes Jack gets into mischief.

badjackJack loves to go for car rides

jackcarJack is very handsome, and likes to pose

jackwetJack is spoiled and has lots of toys.

jacktoysJack is in training to become a therapy dog, and his mom says he can’t wait!

jacktherapyJack sleeps on his bed at night, beside his “dad” and comes up for cuddles in the morning when invited.  He is a very good boy!

sleepyjackAnd of course a puppy picture of Jack.  (melts)


Follow Jack’s adventures on his Facebook page, or chat with him on Twitter @JackMaffei  

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