Golden Retriever Left To Starve – Eats Her Own Tail

Mason City, Iowa  – The Humane Society of North Iowa has saved the day for Goldie, who is described as ” a seven- year-old female Golden Retriever with a survivalist instinct, a forgiving spirit and a heart of pure gold” by HSNI  executive director Sybil Soukup.


Goldie was left outside in a kennel for 3 weeks with no food and little water with seven other dogs after their owner had been evicted. They were discovered by the landlord of the property, severely malnourished. Goldie weighed a mere 46 lbs.  It appears she had chewed most of her tail off in order to survive.

Due to the dogs age and condition, the landlord was going to take the dog to the veterinarian to be euthanized.

The landlord made a last minute decision and contacted the HSNI and they advised they had resources to help the dog.  Goldie has had surgery on her tail and is gaining weight.

All other dogs found at the home have been adopted, but Goldie awaits a forever home.


Goldie – HSNI

To visit Goldie’s adoption page, click here.

8 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Left To Starve – Eats Her Own Tail

  1. horrible story, how cruel people can be, how would they feel if left in their kennel, is there a way humane society can track down the owners…charges should be made. thank goodness for the landowner found them, hope goldie gets a home soon, looks so pretty now…

  2. so incredibly sad, I wish I didn’t live so far away, I would take her in a heartbeat! I pray someone will give her a loving forever home!

  3. What a heart wrenching story. Thank goodness the landlord found them and almost all have new homes. I’m sure Goldie will get one soon. The landlord should give the tennant’s information to the police and humane society so as to track them down, arrest and charge them with a myriad of charges. Even if they only get fined by the courts, it’ll be a good, hard lesson they learned. I agree with ssgt leslie about seeing how they like being locked in a kennel to starve. The depths of hell humanity sinks to never ceases to amaze me. They definitely deserve everything that’s coming to them. Karma is a bitch.

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