Golden Retriever Killed in Own Home By Neighborhood Dogs

Absecon, NJ – On Saturday morning, Linda Nell and her husband Louis heard their 10 year old golden retriever, Chrissy, barking frantically. When Linda went to investigate, 2 pitt bulls barged through her screen door and began viciously attacking Chrissy.

Linda and her husband Louis tried to get the dogs off of Chrissy. Louis fell on the dogs and also ended up being bit by one of the attacking dogs. Linda called the Absecon Police who arrived and shot one of the pit bulls. The other was taken from the home by Animal Control and reportedly has since been euthanized.

Meanwhile, Chrissy lay dying in the kitchen. Her throat was slit open and she did not survive the attack.


The owners of the pit bulls were not available for comment. One neighbor speculates that a rabid raccoon in the neighborhood is responsible for the behavior of the pit bulls.

73 year old Louis Nell is being treated for a bite on his arm and for rabies at their local hospital.

Full story, complete with video (and graphic photos) here:

Two pit bulls attack and kill neighboring dog –

8 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Killed in Own Home By Neighborhood Dogs

  1. This is just heart breaking.Why were the Pittbulls loose…that is the question their owner needs to account for.This is a tradegy that could have been prevented had there been a responsible pittbull owner.At least that is how it appears from what we know now.My heart goes out to Chrissy’s words to express this loss.Sorry just seems so shallow.Bless your heart.

  2. That is such a terrible tradegy. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. I hope they find the pit bulls owners and make them accountable for their dogs action

  3. I cant look at the video, I can imagine enough for me. Brings tears to my eyes no matter what type of dog was attacked but hurts more when it is a golden who we know would not hurt a fly. Joy

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