Golden Retriever Hit By FedEx Truck

This tragedy took place on August 1st, near Newtown CT.  Gracie, an 8 year old golden retriever was outside when her owner Sherry Paisley heard her dog cry out.  When she went to the door and looked out, all she saw was some blood and Gracie’s fur on the driveway.  A FedEx package had been left at the back door.

Gracie recovering at home Photo Sherry Paisley/Patch

Gracie was normally contained by electric fence, and had panicked and ran through the fencing to go and hide, typical behavior for a dog that has been injured.  Owner Sherry contacted the police and animal control.  Animal control officer Carolee Mason responded and helped in the search for Gracie.  At the end of her shift, she went home, changed and returned to continue searching.  Approximately 9 hours after the accident, Mason located Gracie laying in a swamp in a tree farm across the street from  her home.  Mason carried the dog to safety.  Dog lovers are pretty amazing people.

Carolee Mason, Sherry Paisley and Grace “Gracie” photo courtesy

Thankfully Gracie’s injuries are mostly scrapes and abrasions, though they look horribly painful.  FedEx has agreed to pay for Gracie’s veterinary care, but no word on any disciplinary action taken on the FedEx driver, Zachary Bunns.

Full story with pictures and video from the Southbury Patch here.

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  1. There are so many problems with parcel delivery services – they’ve got to be allowed more time per delivery otherwise they cut corners and miss all the signs less stressed drivers notice immediately.

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