Golden Retriever Helps Children Take The Stand

Russell, a two year old golden retriever has a job to do.  His job is to help children feel at ease when they have to talk about things they would rather not remember.

In Arizona, over 1000 children had to testify to violent crimes or abuse last year. The Southern Arizona Advocacy Center employed Russell to help children with this difficult process.

Russell – Image from

According to an article from Life With Dogs ,  Ellen O’Neill-Stephens founded “Courthouse Dogs” after seeing how her disabled son’s service dog, Jeeter, helped children who were nervous when she brought him to juvenile court one day. Since starting the program O’Neil has placed dogs in 17 states.

Full article from here.

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  1. I was a shy kid growing up (still am!) and managed to get through many reports and events with the help of my dogs. I can easily see how having a dog with them makes things so much easier.


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