Golden Retriever Fatally Shot by Police during Drug Raid

On July 20th in Decatur, Alabama, Morgan County Deputies were conducting a drug raid at an apartment complex.  Somehow in the process, the homeowners’ 3 year old Golden Retriever Aubie was shot and killed.  Authorities are stating the dog lunged at the officers.

“Aubrie” taken from Facebook page

A Facebook page has been created in outrage.  It contains graphic images of Aubie after she was shot. They claim the dog was killed while trying to run away from police..  You can view the page “Justice for Aubie” at your own risk

According to her personal Facebook page Sheriff Ana Franklin from The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office implies that the information on the Facebook page is false, and that legal action is being taken.  She posted the following:

“By now you have seen the pictures and read the posts about the dog being shot while the Morgan Co Drug Task Force was conducting a search warrant for illegal sales/possession of narcotics and marijuana.  There is noone that loves animals more than I do. This is a sad and unfortunate incident that I wish could have been avoided.  The case is still open and I cant comment on the details, but i can say that the information that has been posted is false and we will seek legal actions about this. These images and posts were were sent to inflame the public.  The issue at hand should be that the owner of this dog was selling drugs in an apartment complex, where families and children live close by.  Our first priority is the safety and securtiy of our deputies, as well as the suspects.  When there is a threat and an act of aggression to our officers, we will use the means necessary to stop that threat.  I am angered that drug dealers would put their dogs in that position, and I am also angered that they forced us to take these actions.  We will continue to do our job in an effort to make Morgan County a better place.”

Full story with video from WHNT News here.

I have a great respect for law enforcement, and a great love for golden retrievers.  Without more facts, I can’t form an opinion on this situation.

3 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Fatally Shot by Police during Drug Raid

  1. Someone needs to feed those so called authorities a taste of their own medicine. Doesn’t making some where a better place include the proper humane treatment of animals? Answer me that, Sheriff!

  2. I wonder how many people have forgotten?????? You say your concern is with family and children???? Where was the concern when the deputies were shooting at an innocent dog and the bullet went into the apartment next door where the family and children were???? The people who were selling the drugs were WRONG….I get that….But that DOESN’T make what the Morgan County police department did RIGHT….Shame on all of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They give military equipment ro our police….then they go on raids like this where they are taught to shoot an animal if there is one present…These are the tactics that our country is falling to using under our leadership…if you give a police department a SWAT team they are going to want to use it. These tactics and equipment should not be part of civilian enforcement.

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