Golden Retriever Euthanized After Owner Dies

Cambridgeshire, England – A recent story in The Daily Mail  reports dog lover and widow  Linda Hill had put in her will that she wanted to leave £100,000 to the Wood Green Animal Shelter, stating “I express the hope they will look after him” referring to her golden retriever, Henry.

Neighbors of Mrs. Hill contacted police when they had not seen the 85 year old walking her dog for several days.  Police broke into the home and found Henry laying by his owners’ lifeless body.

Mrs Hill with a golden retriever, earlier years.  Photo - Daily Mail

Mrs Hill with a golden retriever, earlier years. Photo – Daily Mail

Within hours of being taken to that same shelter Hill donated to, it was determined by a vet that Henry would be euthanized as he had been without food or water for about 5 days and hadn’t been taking his medications for mild arthritis.  The shelter reports that Henry was bloated, distressed and in pain.

Friends of Mrs Hill say she would have been devastated by the decision.

9 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Euthanized After Owner Dies

  1. That is terrible news! Something has to be done about that! That is so cruel, and that is the shelter that is suppose to help and find homes for the Pets! Shame on them! They sure could have treated the Golden for his illness’s instead of what they did to the beautiful Golden!

  2. There is more to the story . According to some members of the Golden Retriever Club, the dog was taken in by several of their rescue volunteers. The dog had severe arthritis and was not in great health. They tried to rehabilitate the dog but could not get him to come around so rather than put him through any more pain, the decision was made to euthanize him.

  3. Regardless of whether or not the dog needed to be put to sleep, the bequest was misplaced! Wood green is run like a business and not like a caring animal rescue facility. A local dog rescue with which I am connected was asked to take a “troubled dog” who otherwise would be put to sleep and when we went to get her, we were made to stand in line with “customers” who were buying dogs. The dog was brought out and handed over like an item in a supermarket with no discussion about her whatsoever! They often don’t even homecheck where the dogs are going but they will take your car keys and 2 forms of ID while you walk the dog in case you steal their asset!!

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