Golden Retriever Eats $500 – What happens next?

Thanks to Two Dog Tales for bringing this story to my attention.

When Wayne Klinkel and his wife took a road trip this Christmas, they made a very expensive mistake.

Eliza Wiley/Independent Record

Eliza Wiley/Independent Record

They left their golden retriever, Sundance, in the car with 5 $100 dollar bills only to return to find the remains.  (Sundance wasn’t interested in the $1 bill!)

Sundance is notorious for eating anything and everything, so right away I knew what happened,” Klinkel said.

The Helena Independent Record reports that Klinkel followed his dog around with rubber gloves for the remainder of the trip.  After salvaging and cleaning up the bills, he plans to return them to The Department of the Treasury to be reimbursed.

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