Golden Retriever Dies on Flight to Bejing

On August 6, Zhao Nan and her golden retriever “Mars” were en route from Xining, Qinghai Province, to Beijing.  When she went to claim the dog, an empty crate was found, and no sign of Mars.  Airline China Southern located the dog the next day, dead.  No explanation was provided to Nan as to the reason for the dogs’ death.  A cremation ceremony for Mars was held on August 27.  (does this sound strange to anyone else?)

Mars at his Cremation Ceremony Aug 27 Photo: CFP

There have been several similar circumstances in China, where passengers have claimed to witness the crates being thrown, and even dogs that have been shot.   See the full story from Global Times here.

Animal activists from 81 animal protection agencies  across the nation sent letters to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and China Southern Airlines asking for stricter standards for air transportation for pets.  For example, US airline Delta stipulates that temperatures at the point of origin or destination must be between -12 C and 29.4 C or animal transportation is forbidden.

China Southern Airlines Boeing 777-21B(ER).

China Southern Airlines Boeing 777-21B(ER). (Photo credit:

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6 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Dies on Flight to Bejing

  1. Disgraceful and very worrying.

    Thanks for the mention 😉 We do fly dogs to China but use major airlines with proven track records. We think the trouble is with internal flights – there are probably no processes in place.

  2. That’s terrible, and very dark. Poor guy. Toady’s too big to fly on a plane, so we know we will always have to drive. Or use something like Animal Couriers.

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