Golden Retriever Dies after head stuck in BBQ Smoker

Curry was a beautiful 5 year old golden retriever. Earlier this week her head became lodged in a BBQ smoker, and when her owners couldn’t free her, they called the Los Angeles Fire Department. They spent over 90 minutes trying to free Curry, who died of her injuries at the local veterinary hospital.


in a letter Curry’s owner sent to the Los Angeles Fire Department, it explains the frantic efforts the firefighters made to try and save this beautiful girl..

They gave her water, oxygen, tried to get her head back through the pipe, and when they realized it wasn’t possible, they cut through 1/4″ stainless steel and cut away the 3″ thick wall of clay, cut through the 1/4″ thick stainless metal pipe, used the jaws of life to pry apart the metal, all while vacuuming up the clay dust created in the oven so that she could breathe

Our family will forever be thankful for all that the brave firefighters did to help Curry, and that they persevered so that she didn’t die in that situation in front of our young teenage sons

Curry’s owners suggest she may have died from the heat and stress of the situation. So, so sad.

Here is a story from the LAFD News and Information blog, with a larger excerpt of the letter, and some helpful tips to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening

LAFD Tenaciously Works to Save Pet Dog, Owner Shares Story