Golden Retriever dance troup performs at London Pet Show

Southern Golden Retriever Society Display Team

Southern Golden Retriever Society Display Team (Photo credit: internets_dairy)

Picture this:  16 beautiful Golden Retrievers in a line, or a circle, or a V formation, prancing around with their handlers to music like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.  It is pure joy to watch….

The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team was established in 2001.    They are a team of 16 Golden Retrievers and their owners (plus 5 reserve dogs) who perform at various events around Kent, Surrey, and Sussex England.   They got their rise to fame when they performed on Discover Dogs in 2003.  Since then, they have performed at Crufts every year since 2004. Last weekend these adorable, smiley faced goldens were featured at the London Pet Show.

The team practices on a weekly basis, rain or shine.  Dogs on the team are trained based on what is called The Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS) They promote the pleasure of owning a well behaved dog, and at the end of their performance, they invite children into the ring to pet the dogs and learn about responsible pet ownership.

The team goes through various drills and formations set to music.  There are sometimes some imperfections with the performance, which makes it even more adorable if you ask me!

Here is a video of the team performing at Crufts:

Richard Fisher, a writer for New Scientist magazine, saw the team of Goldens performing at Discover Dogs and became an instant fan.  He wanted to propose to his girlfriend Krissy, so he had each golden wear a letter around its neck spelling “Krissy will you marry me?” (I assume they had to use the reserves here) Apparently, she said yes!   So here is where the group gained their youtube fame…Richard was tasked by his editor to write an article on “what makes a youtube sensation”  He wanted to use the golden retrievers to illustrate the structure of an atom.  The video is called “Pets Teach Science” and it currently has over 300,000 views.  Please watch and share the video.  If it goes viral, maybe they will get to perform on Ellen, or Conan!  They are both animal lovers, and I believe Conan still owns a Golden Retriever of his own.

The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team illustrating the structure of atoms:

The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team is a subsidiary of The Southern Golden Retriever Society, an established breed club from England.  Karen Menter is the Display Team’s manager.  She choreographs the routines, is the “caller” during performances, and works with her own dog “Saffy”

For bookings or other enquiries please contact Karen on:

You can also like their facebook page here.

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