Golden Retriever brings home 12 loaves of bread….yep!

In a town called Camden, in New South Wales, near Sydney, there lives an 8 year old golden retriever named Gillie. Apparently Gillie likes to wander the neighborhood.   She has recently been returning home with random loaves of bread and packages of muffins, lying proudly wagging her tail when her owners find her.  A golden retriever who doesn’t totally devour the loaf of bread???  Really?   What an excellent retriever you are Gillie!

Photo courtesy of The Daily Telegraph “Gillie with six loaves of bread”

According to owner Neil Shaw, the nearest shop is a 10 minute drive away, so he is  not sure where she is finding these loaves of bread.  Full story from The Herald Sun here.

On a sidenote, Neil, please make sure Gillie has tags, or a tattoo, or a microchip, or something!  I’m not sure what the by-laws are there, but if you are going to let her roam free, it is the responsible thing to do 🙂

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