Golden Retriever Attacked By Two Pit bulls – Rescued by School Bus Driver

A 10 year old golden retriever named Jordon is fortunate after being attacked by two pit bulls last week in Canandaigua, NY.   Cynthia Devaney was walking her 3 month old grandson in a stroller, with the dog’s leash attatched, when 2 pit bulls dragged their owner towards them and the dogs began to attack.

Bus Driver Bill Bliss, 75 years is a here. Photo:

The stroller was knocked over in the attack, and Devaney clung to her grandson yelling for help for several minutes.

David Bliss, 75 yrs, a school bus driver was just finishing his route when he noticed the disturbance.  He pulled over and eventually pulled the pit bulls off of Jordan.

Jordon suffered puncture wounds to her neck and a bloody eye, while Bliss suffered injuries to his knee and elbow, as well as 9 stitches in the hand.

The pit bulls are currently in quarantine and a hearing is scheduled for next week at the Canadaigua Town Court to determine the outcome of the pit bulls.  The video states that no charges will be laid, but according to an article from WHEC Rochester, The Humane Society in Ontario County advised that the owner of the pit bulls,  Rose Burnett is getting charged with two counts of harboring a dangerous dog.

My heart goes out to the responsible pit bull frustrating this must be…

8 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Attacked By Two Pit bulls – Rescued by School Bus Driver

    • they don’t need muzzles, they need proper socialization and they will be like any other playful dog. if they are not socialized then they should be kept away from other dogs completely.

  1. Bad owners make bad dogs. I’m glad to hear the Golden, the bus driver and the woman and her grandson are okay, though.


  2. I have to disagree with being responsible pit bull owners. On the contrary they were very irresponsible. I am a pit bull advocate, previous pit bull owner and currently volunteer for a pit bull rescue. These dogs do not attack out the clear blue sky. Yes, some are dog aggressive and if they are you don’t walk them where they can hurt other dogs, let alone two of them. they are very powerful dogs. this is just another media story that portrays pit bulls as vicious attack dogs. me and many other pit bull advocates say time and time again, it is not the dog it is the owner. u have to be a responsible owner to own this type of powerful dog. i have heard a rumor that pits don’t like goldens. I own a golden and she has NEVER been in a fight with a pit bull!!!

  3. BTW i am glad the golden is OK and especially the baby and all ppl involved, although the bus driver did get hurt, it could have been a lot worse. now these dogs are going to pay the price for poor ownership and pit bulls take another hit as crazy attack dogs!

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