Golden Retriever Attacked By Pit Bull

On Tuesday, November 20th, In Murrieta, California, Fred Filgo was walking his golden retriever “Bradley” when they were attacked by his friend’s Pit bull.  Apparently the dog escaped under a garage door.

English: Golden Retriever

not actual photo of Bradley

He jumped up and bit me right in the stomach and that shook me up. It made me not want to get in front of him.

Next the dog went after Bradley.

“I had my hand in his mouth trying to pull his mouth off my dog. And I had my face up against his. And I suddenly realized I wasn’t in a good place.” said Filgo.

Neighbors came to assist and eventually they got the pit to release its’ grip on the golden retriever.

Bradley has injuries totaling $1300 in vet bills as well as Filgo’s own medical expenses for his injuries.  Despite the attack, Fllgo doesn’t know if the dog should be put down, and is not angry at the dog’s owner.

The pit bull is in quarantine for 10 days and the dog’s owner says he will be “getting rid” of the dog…

For the full story, with video from CBS Los Angeles click here.

7 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Attacked By Pit Bull

  1. Poor Bradley. As a pit bull supporter (and golden retriever owner), I hate to hear stories like this. I wonder what will happen to the other dog – how the owner plans to “get rid” of him and if the “complaints” from neighbors have to do only with this incident or previous problems.

  2. As a golden retriever lover/owner and pit bull advocate, I wonder, would you have considered this story blog-worthy if it had been another golden retriever that had attacked Bradley?

    • Jogging Dog: Thanks for the comment. I would absolutely have considered the story blog-worthy, and that day will come I am sure…:( I have nothing against the breed, and am a firm believer in “no bad dogs…”

      • I’m glad to hear that. It’s unfortunate that the media ( the news that first reported the story) tend to sensationalize attacks involving pitbulls, when the reality is there just as many involving other breeds.

  3. Having a mildly agressive dog, which is fortunately small enough to not cause any serious injuries or really scare people too much, I feel for the pit bull owner… It’s not easy to deal with the guilt of your dog attacking people, especially if you can’t seem to train it otherwise. I just hope the attack makes him try even harder to work with his dog. The “get rid of him” part sounds worrying…
    At the same time, poor Bradley 🙁 It’s super scary trying to rescue your dog from another one. Also an experience I had first hand. At least this pit bull simply escaped. I hate when people let their dogs run freely off the leash if they know perfectly well they cannot control them. Paying for the other pet’s stitches is no solution if you continue to let your dog be a danger.

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