Golden Goodbyes – Ginger The Golden Retriever

You may remember Ginger, the golden retriever from YouTube, who’s claim to fame was the video Breakfast at Ginger’s. Ginger passed away suddenly from cancer earlier this week.

Ginger the Golden Retriever

Ginger the Golden Retriever

Ginger’s owners, Scott and Barb posted the news on Ginger’s Facebook page on Tuesday March 19.  The cancer was aggressive and came without warning.

“Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and for letting us share our wonderful pups with you. Ginger’s cancer was very aggressive and she was declining rapidly. We couldn’t let her suffer anymore, and with the help of a veterinary oncologist made the decision to put her down this afternoon. Our family is heartbroken, but we know she ran up to heaven on the wings of your prayers and well wishes. Thank you all for your support. Many of you mentioned you have gone through it before or going though it now. Our hearts are with you. It has been a cold and snowy few days here in Michigan. We took Buddy for a walk a bit ago and the wind got really strong and we looked up and suddenly the sun peaked through the sky, just for a little bit. We like to think that was Ginger lighting up heaven with a grand entrance! Thank you again for your support and friendship.
With deepest gratitude,
Scott and Barb ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥”

Ginger leaves behind a best “Buddy” who sometimes accompanied her in her videos. “Superbowl Sunday With Ginger and Buddy”

Rest in Peace sweet Ginger.  Thanks for leaving us with the awesome videos.

Please stop by Ginger’s YouTube Page or Facebook page and leave your condolences.  I am sure your support is appreciated.

Here’s the video that at the time of this post, had over 8 million views.

10 thoughts on “Golden Goodbyes – Ginger The Golden Retriever

  1. My human gran sent that video to me a couple of years ago. She said she was going to teach me to do that. How sad that Ginger is gone. Reminds us to enjoy every single minute!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Golden goodbyes are never easy. There is another new bight star in the sky tonight. I will look for it. Blessing. Valerie/TheDogMaOnline-Golden Inspired, Golden Operated.

  3. My heart goes out to you. Not only have I been through it, I’m facing the same inevitable loss in the near future with our present dog who looks very much like Ginger. Makes me tear up to see your pup, but I agree, that the sun burst you saw on your walk? Surely the spirit of Ginger.

  4. I must have watched this video fifty times and it made me laugh every time. But it really touched a chord with me because Ginger looks EXACTLY like our Golden, Tara. I would just marvel at how identical they were. I just read about Ginger’s passing today (a year later). We lost our Tara two months ago to cancer as well, it is truly devastating and my condolences to you. Ginger touched many lives and gave people joy while she was here.

  5. So sorry for your lost, I lost two great dogs with in four months apart. They were never separated at any time. When one past away the other brooded , and just shut down. I just found out about Ginger, was so shocked . Ginger made some of my saddest times easier, I will always be thankful for it. I saved every video Ginger made, and loved them all. Again so sorry for your loss. You truly had a wonderful pet..

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