Firefighter rescues 3 Golden Retrievers

This story captured my heart.  I think it was the still shot of the one golden sitting looking stoicly, or the old golden with the glove, standing by while rescue crews try to rescue their owner.  Sometime this winter, Pascal Scrufari, 70 yrs, was walking his three golden retrievers in Hyde Park, Niagara Falls, NY.  One of the goldens ventured off onto thin ice and he went after it.  He fell through the ice.  Captured on film and still shot, are the owners dogs looking on.  The older dog, Chloe, had a glove in her mouth.  I am only assuming it belonged to the owner.  According to firefighter Frank Cacciatore, one of the dogs was hovering over the rescue crew the whole time.  WIBV News has a great take on this story  with video here.

After tragedy, family adopts three dogs

The dogs were apparently taken by the local SPCA.  Here’s the nice part…. Frank Cacciatore, who had a golden of his own, rescued the 3 dogs.  He has 4 children.  Their first golden, Lady, who they have had for 10 years, helps their son Nick, who has Autism.

The other three dogs were matched with the other three children in the family.  Apparently they have taken over the 2 1/2 car garage.  Cacciatore family:  please let these animals live indoors with you!!  They will enrich your lives in so many ways.  I suppose because there are 4 of them they are a pack all their own, but I can’t imagine  them living out their lives in a garage.  They have so much to offer.  With persistance, you can learn to live in harmony.

Sadly, oldest dog, 10 year old Chloe has been diagnosed with fibrosarcoma.  Zach and Sheeba are one year old.  Chloe was paired with Hailey, and there is also a precious still of them cuddling on the floor.  Thankfully Chloe will live out her last days in happiness, with her pack and her new loving family.

I also want to encourage the family to have the dogs spayed and neutered, not bred, as suggested in the article.   Unless they are AKC registered dogs without non-breeding agreements, you may want to reconsider if you love the breed as I do.  I encourage you to do extensive research before you embark on such an endeavor.

For the love of goldens….

One thought on “Firefighter rescues 3 Golden Retrievers

  1. Saw the video news report on this story and have to vehemently disagree with the
    “precious still of them cuddling on the floor.” It is obvious from the video that the older dog Chloe who is dying of cancer is in pain and being tortured. It is equally obvious that the 5-year old girl grabbing and crawling all over the sick dog does not know what she is doing and probably thinks she is being affectionate. But where are the parents to stop this torture? If Grandma was dying of cancer, you wouldn’t let your child climb all over her would you? So why do the parents think it’s ok to do this to the dog? If the dog reacts to being hurt, it will be because the dog is “vicious” or “aggressive” and will be put down. Maybe that would be a better fate than what is happening to poor Chloe now.

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