Does Your Golden Retriever Like to Hoard Things???

I can’t say I have experienced this…I usually catch Tucker in the act, and it takes at least two people to drop everything, corner Tucker, and get him to drop whatever it is in his mouth that he shouldn’t have, being a tissue, paper towel, anything small and plastic, or a pair of underwear.   If  I am alone, I usually have to use baby gates, chairs, whatever is in my way to catch him.  He thinks it is a game.  Sometimes I get very frustrated.  (I must win, no matter what!)  Tucker, as well as many, have brought out some pretty embarrassing items in the midst of company.


I can’t remember this with my other dogs, the sheer unwillingness to give up that prize.  When I used “the voice” and said “drop it” they would drop it.  From the other blogs I have followed, and articles I have read, golden retrievers like to hoard things, and bury them.

Is this the case with your Golden?

5 thoughts on “Does Your Golden Retriever Like to Hoard Things???

  1. I don’t own a golden, but I’ve seen a lady at the park struggling with hers, he sits with things in his mouth and no matter what she does or offers him he wouldn’t let go, I think it’s funny but I imagine it can be frustrating.

  2. I have noticed they will move the dog toys in our house when boarding to where ever the action is. They are brilliant with multi-tasking, and can carry two or three toys at once. At the moment the one boarding with us loves to take as many toys as possible out to our garden. We let her do it and bring them all back in at day’s end to start the process all over 🙂

  3. Hahaha, I had a post not too long ago of Mylo on his bed with a large collection of toys. He could have 5 bones out already and still go and get another from the basket.

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