DIY Tips for Massaging Your Golden Retriever

Your dog wants a massage. Trust me, I know this.  Try it and watch them drool and turn into a bowl of jello.  From bonding to lump locating, there are so many benefits to massaging your dog and Life and Dog Magazine has created a great article and printable infographic with some tips on DIY dog massage that you can do at home.

Life and Dog Magazine

Life and Dog Magazine

Infographic:  The Benefits of Massage

Liz Rizzo and her dog Buddy from Hawaii demonstrate for us in this YouTube video

I just had to add this video from TheDeafeningWhisper.  It’s a YouTube channel of relaxing sounds.  Just for the guy’s voice alone.  watch as he gives golden retriever Eddie a massage and brushing.  Just watch the first minute or so, and you will get the idea!  It drives me nuts that he only does one side of the dog!  Eddie, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind.

Here is a more in depth article from The New York Times on Pet Massage and in some of the larger cities there are Workshops that may be offered in your area!

Dog Massage? – Isn’t Petting Enough?  – Jennifer Bleyer – New York Times

And just for fun, here is a bunny massaging a golden retriever

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  1. Great idea about Goldens massaging their owners!
    Teddy The Wonder Dog now gives us full Swedish massages.
    Thanks again for this great idea.

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