Disturbing Craigslist Ad for “Free Golden Retrievers”

I occasionally come across these in my Google searches.  This one is particularly disturbing.  Apparently this person “rescued” the un-spayed/neutered golden retrievers as “they” were going to put them down.

FREE 2 Golden Retrievers Male Female (California City)

The person is apparently “highly allergic” to the dogs so they posted them on Craigslist.  Calling local Golden Rescue!?

Oh, and the ad states the female “may” be pregnant.  UGH!  Hope this ends well.

2 thoughts on “Disturbing Craigslist Ad for “Free Golden Retrievers”

  1. I hear about dogs being sold on Craigslist all the time when I chat to owners at the off leash. The only good thing seems to be that these dogs get wonderful homes from the people I have met, and seeing the positive bond between their pooch and themselves.
    What I find disturbing is the lack of information when people get the dog.Sometimes very little history of the dog or no medical information records.These shady stories leave a bad feeling in my stomach…You are right there are so many other wonderful avenues to help a deserving dog a forever home.

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