Did the “King of Pop” own a Golden Retriever??

June 25 marked three years since Michael Jackson died.  I can still remember where I was standing when I heard the news.  A part of me wasn’t surprised, but another part of me couldn’t believe that the man who had so much influence on my teenage years was gone.  I remember my first fake “walkman”  I remember the Thriller cassette I would play in it over and over and over while I played Mousetrap on my Atari.  I remember standing in front of a mirror for hours perfecting the moon walk. (and I did perfect the moonwalk)  My penny loafers had scuffed toes doing the iconic Michael Jackson pose.

I honestly can’t remember where I found an article today that that said Michael Jackson was afraid of dogs, but after much coaxing from his children, he allowed them to get a Golden Retriever.  The research began.  First, I found absolutely no photographic evidence of this. (not that there was much photographic evidence of the family life of Michael and his children)   Second, there is only one source that I was able to find, and his name is Jonathan Margolis.   Jonathan is an English journalist who has written for Time, The Financial Times, The Guardian, and the Daily Mail.  He has also written about several celebrities.  He wrote an article called Why my friend is a good father about the time he spent  with the Jackson’s.  According to one  article, of which I could not find an original source, Jonathan spent time with Michael and his family over the thanksgiving of 2002, and has nothing but wonderful things about Michael.

“He is terrified of dogs but has bought his children a golden retriever, thinking it was wrong for him to pass on his irrational prejudice”  This is taken from a couple of blogs, but nothing of significance, so I continue to wonder….

I, being a huge fan of Michael, would love to know if this was actually true.  I realize the Jackson’s were a very private family, so it is possible.  My doubts arise when I can’t find the original source of the article that claims Michael owned a Golden.  I also find it hard to believe that he was afraid of dogs.

For now, it will remain a mystery.