Diary of a Dog Blogger…My 100th Post

For my 100th blog post I thought I would write a little about the progress so far with the blog.  I began the blog on 12 April 2012 with my first post Introducing Tucker.  Since that time I have come to know many great bloggers and Golden Retriever enthusiasts.  As much as I enjoy writing the posts, some days I struggle to find relevant content.  The blog is called The Daily Golden, so I feel a little disappointed in myself if I cant come up with a post every day.

If anyone has any great dog stories, articles, poems, videos, whatever – involving Golden Retrievers, I would graciously accept the privilege to post them up on this blog. (with links to your website/blog of course!)  Please send me your submissions to thedailygolden@gmail.com

Growth has been at a slow yet steady pace.  I recorded my progress on July 27 and this is how things looked at the time:

July 27, 2012:  1800 blog views,  57 blog followers, 117 Pinterest followers 63 Twitter followers, and 8 Facebook likes.

August seems to have been my best month so far…

As of today…3429 blog views, 72 blog followers, 499 Pinterest followers, 84 Twitter followers and 10 Facebook likes.  I also have one Google Plus follower!

Thanks for sticking with me!

For the love of Goldens,


7 thoughts on “Diary of a Dog Blogger…My 100th Post

  1. I really enjoy your posts. Feel free to share any of mine when you need one, Mylo is a little bugger that gets up to all kinds of things he shouldn’t, hahah.

  2. I just started a blog myself, I just kind of jumped into it, threw a few posts out there so far, but am really just stumbling along trying to figure out what I am doing! So I found your blog when doing an internet search, and I think it is great. If I can be where you are after a few months, I will be happy. Your site looks great, and makes me realize how much more work I need to do on mine! And you do it all while working too….daily posts….how do you find the time? 🙂 BTW, I own two golden retrievers myself, so will enjoy reading more of your posts.

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