Coyotes and Bears on the loose! Dont let your Golden Retriever outside unattended.

Being someone who pays serious attention to golden retrievers in the news, I cant help but notice the amount of dogs being attacked by wildlife.  The circumstances vary, but dog owners:  please keep your pets inside, or safe from harm.   We cant stop hiking with our four legged friends in fear.  In many cases, however, the dog was left outside unattended.  Here are a few recent examples, and things we can do to avoid this happening to our beautiful friends.

On Monday night, in Brockton, Mass, a golden retriever named Stella was unattended in her backyard when attacked by two coyotes.   Apparently she is black and blue with a few puncture woulds, but I think she is going to be okay.  Here is a link to the news story from Channel 7 News, WHDH, however, I am unable to view the video.  I couldn’t find it elsewhere.

Also in Massechusets, a 9 year old golden retriever named Lily was about to go for a walk with her family when she spotted a bear cub on the front porch and gave chase.  Mother bear was nearby and Lily was attacked, but scared off by her owner, Karen Curran, wielding a toy sword.  Great Job Karen.  We golden owners can picture this.  I would have done the same thing.  Apparently Karen banged that sword on the ground so hard it broke!   This occurred in a residential neighborhood.  Full story from with video.  Lily has a few puncture wounds to her face and neck, but is under a veterinarians care and will be just fine.

I can recall several other attacks on goldens, but these two are very recent.  It is that time of year.  Here are some safety tips in hopes to avoid this from happening to your pet:

1)  DONT keep food out, this includes garbage and compost (and apparently bird seed).  Keep them tightly covered.  If they find it, they will return!

2)  Coyotes are not nocturnal.  They are opportunistic and will come out for food when they are hungry.

3)  Do not feed your animals outside.  Cat food makes a great source of food for coyotes, as do the cats that the food is meant for.

4) If you encounter a coyote, try spraying it with a hose.  Apparently they do not like water.

5) DONT back down from a coyote.  Stand tall and stand your ground.  Use whatever you have as a weapon.

6) DONT leave your beautiful pet outside unattended.  Especially this time of year.  They would die to protect you, and have.

In some areas, THIS IS HAPPENING IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS!  Please keep your animals safe!

Randomly, let me leave you with this video of the beast that is the Golden Retriever, fighting off a Pit Bull mix.