Check out the New Look at The Daily Golden

After two years of dreaming, I decided to get a custom Facebook header, cover page and Twitter background in an attempt to “brand” the blog.

I have done some research and even asked around to some of my readers, Twitter followers etc.

One evening I was participating in a Blog Paws chat, and someone recommended fellow pet blogger Debbie Glovatsky from  Glo Girly Design.  After checking out her site, I became excited, as her designs are exactly the type I have been looking for, cartoon-y, whimsical and fun!


Debbie was quick to respond, provide a reasonable quote and set up a phone meeting.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and hopefully I have more work for her in the future 😉


What do you think of the new look?  Don’t forget to go check out my Twitter and Facebook too!!

A special thank you to Jo Danehy at The Sundog Drift for allowing me to use her photo of the goldens for so long!


11 thoughts on “Check out the New Look at The Daily Golden

  1. The old look with the Retriever family photo is much better. The photo added life to the page. This new look, unfortunately, just makes it look like a cartoon and does not entice me to buy a Golden. I had two and will buy more but certainly not because of this new look.

    The drawing could be any type of dog. It doesn’t tell me it’s a Golden. The photo did, and with style.

    Jeff Topping

    • Thanks for your comment Jeff! I had borrowed that beautiful photo from Jo Danehy at The Sundog Drift blog, and needed to get something that was “just mine” (and I think he looks like my golden Tucker ;))

  2. Very cute! Love that the Golden is wearing a tag with T for Tucker, and the wagging tail to the right is adorable. I also like the tagline below the headline (your daily dose . . . ). Tells visitors and readers exactly what you do with your blog/Facebook/Twitter. Well done, and congratulations!

  3. The new look provides and easily recognized icon across that readers can quickly identify with you – I like it. The newspaper is my favorite touch.

  4. I preferred the other one with the photo of the Goldens. Personal choice. I am an artist and this new look does not appeal to me at all. Sorry, don’t mean to be rude but i agree with Jeff. It could be any kind of dog. It does not represent a Golden to me.

  5. I must join those who prefer the photo of a Golden to a cartoon. I miss my long deceased Goldens and was always happy to see yours.

  6. Thanks everyone! Mixed views. For those that want to see real goldens, I will try to perfect my own photography skills and share some great new pictures on my posts 🙂 And don’t forget to scroll down the right sidebar for the Instagram photo of the day.

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