Celebrity Golden Retriever Owners – Adam Levine

Just in case you didn’t already have enough reasons to love the Maroon 5 front man and The Voice judge, here is one more.  Adam Levine is the owner of a beautiful golden girl named Frankie.

Adam Levine and “Frankie” – Source unknown

Adam even has a tattoo on his right shoulder blade with the words “Frankie girl” below it.

Adam Levine – tattoo

Levine often tweets about Frankie too.

[tweet https://twitter.com/adamlevine/status/5168499604 align=’center’]

Frankie has her own Twitter account!  @FrankieLevine

ahhh, you’re welcome!

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Golden Retriever Owners – Adam Levine

  1. totally made my day…..no wonder he’s such a hottie. Men who love dogs are the most attractive men in the world. Wow…I think my computer is on fire!!!

  2. Rumor around the web today is Adam’s girl, Frankie Girl passed away today. 🙁 So sad for him.

    • I was at their concert last night and he dedicated “Daylight” to her, seeming pretty upset to the point of being choked up when he said thank you afterwards. The rumors seem very possible after that 🙁

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