The Tucker Files: Gourmet Dinner for a Golden Retriever

Say what you will about table scraps, but I feel table scraps are far better than most kibble on the market. Sometimes we spoil Tucker. I guess I should say sometimes we “extra spoil” Tucker. He is perpetually spoiled.

Here’s Tucker waiting for his dinner. He always puts one paw up while begging. I have already explained the menu – perfectly cooked tenderloin (rare-med rare) fresh local asparagus (I.e pure gold) and lobster fettuccine. Rich, I know. I mixed it with his kibble. (Origen Adult Dog)  I always soak his kibble in hot water for about 5 min, so the food expands in the bowl, instead of his tummy.  Heard this from a breeder, it is supposed to help prevent bloat.  It makes a nice gravy.  We make sure his teeth stay clean with the occasional raw bone.


Here’s dinner.  Since I didn’t get anything for mother’s day, I treated myself.  The expensive stuff was all on sale.  This meal was under $40 and fed three!


Did I mention we love food?

Time for a poll!

The Tucker Files – Treats!!!

Made some treats for Tucker last night.  I don’t have cookie cutters, or at least, I can’t find them.  Cut them by hand.


here he is waiting for them.


Not much to post on tonight..

The Tucker Files: Golden Retriever on a Hike

Tucker had a great summer with many hikes on the local trail, which involved swimming in the river and fetching sticks.  Here are some of the best shots we were able to capture….

Here is a great photo of Tucker loving the river.  He likes to chase sticks, rescue them, bring them to the shore, and chew them to bits…


Sometimes he gets ahead of us, and looks back, “Are you guys coming?”


“Ahhh, chewing a stick I just rescued.”IMG_0974

Tucker and I Took the “Leave-It” Challenge, and Passed!

Does your dog have self-control?  Can you place his or her favorite treat inches away and snap a photo?  What a great challenge!

I came across this blog post from a great blog called It’s All About Dogs while browsing dog blogs today, and it seemed like a great idea!.  I Googled “Leave It Challenge dogs” and came upon this cute blog post from another blog called  Lynne’s Letters of various dogs posing with their favorite food. Can you and your dog pass the “Leave It” Challenge?  Share this post with your other dog friends and see if they can complete “The Leave-It Challenge”.  It’s fun, regardless of the breed!!

Here’s Tucker watching intently while I position the kibble…


And here I am in action, placing the kibble, and telling him what a good boy he is the whole time.  He is only just over a year old, and for a golden retriever, this is extreme self control.  Keep in mind, he also has the photographer flashing photos behind him in the background.


And here he is, challenge complete.  Milliseconds after this, he went for the kibble, (I quickly said “good boy!!!!!)  and I got 90 percent of it, praised the heck out of him some more, and gave him a small piece of cheese!!  Good boy Tucker!!


Yes, I AM wearing flannel pajamas and a pink sweatshirt, it IS Saturday night! (these photos are courtesy of my boyfriend and his fancy-dancy camera)  Now if only he could leave the shoes, socks, food on the counter, eyeglasses,contact lenses, prescription pills, ……

The Tucker Files: Happy 1st Birthday Tucker!

Today, October 7th, is Tucker’s first birthday.  We plan on spoiling him with a meaty bone and some extra play time and cuddles!

Happy Birthday little man!

Tired Tucker, “After the Hike”

Here’s “Monkee” who is now just a shell of himself…

Tucker and “Monkee”

Off to play!

The Tucker Files: Golden Retrievers and Counter Surfing – Part 2

Tonight we were watching the Canada vs US Women’s soccer game, and I was preparing some tenderloin steaks for supper.  We bought a large roast at 7.99/lb so it came to just over $20 for the roast.  I cut off two beautiful 1 1/2″ steaks and cut the final end into 3 pieces, which would have been perfect for filet migon.   Holiday Monday at about 5 pm…the doorbell rings.   I decide to be bold and go answer it.  It was someone offering to seal our driveway.  I gave him the boot and came back to the kitchen, checking the status of the game.  My boyfriend and I looked over to the center island in the kitchen.  There was Tucker, up on the counter, eyeing our steaks.  We yelled “No” and he looked away, only to find the other 3 pieces of tenderloin.  He quickly grabbed the thickest one, before we could react.  Nothing you can do at this point.  He was well rewarded for jumping up on the counter.  Golden Retrievers truly are the best…they are!

Here is a picture of Tucker after his “catch”

Tucker after Tenderloin

And here is Tucker, with his Monkey, a little while after tenderloin…

Tucker after tenderloin…with Monkey

Needless to say, his food will be appropriately rationed tonight…

The Tucker Files – Shopping Spree at PetSmart


Today I spent over an hour in PetSmart.  I just love that store.  Needless to say, Tucker and Betty got a little bit spoiled today.  I apologize in advance for the grainy photos, they were taken with my cell phone.  I plan on developing my photography skills in the near future.

I  started in the dog section.  The first thing I picked out was Monkey.  Kinda looks like a sock monkey with a squeaker inside.  I thought Tucker needed a new stuffed toy, and besides, it was half off!  What was I thinking…

Here’s monkey after about ten minutes:

Next was the clicker.  I’ve been watching videos of dogs trained with this method, and want to do some more research on it before I attempt it with Tucker, but again, 50 % off, so I figured, why not?

While I was in the training aisle, I picked up a training line.  This will come in handy with the digging, counter surfing and unruly behaviour.  Now if only I could find his training collar…

Now that Tucker is starting to shed, I picked up the Furminator.  It was on sale also.  I was so concerned about getting the right weight, I didnt realize they also sold different coat lengths too.

Next I sauntered over the the cat section.  Who am I kidding, and the fish section, rodent section, bird section, and reptile section.  I eventually returned to the dog section to focus on treats.  I feel these bones are really great for their teeth.  They are Canadian made and are stuffed with a meat filling.  The only downfall to these is when one gets dropped on your toe, or you stub it on one.

Tucker is enjoying one of the bones as I write this.

Last but not least, the liver treats, also made by Rollover.

When I was finished at PetSmart, I sauntered over to Best Buy and treated myself to a new blogging tool, considering I am always fighting with my teenage daughters for computer time.  Yes, it is PINK!!!!

It was a pretty great day.  Now I am enjoying a glass of red wine and playing with my new laptop.