Golden Retriever Puppies Attract A Crowd At North Carolina Shelter

On February 7, a group of golden retriever puppies were found wandering, and subsequently picked up by the Cleveland County Animal Control.  On the day they were placed for adoption, (last Wednesday)  there were people waiting outside.  Perspective puppy buyers filled the reception area filling out adoption forms.  Due to a post on their Facebook page, all five dogs had been adopted within minutes of opening their doors.

Retrievers attract widespread adoption interest at county shelter

One of the five golden retriever puppies stands ready to leave the shelter Wednesday morning. All five were adopted as soon as the shelter opened its doors Wednesday for adoptions.
Ben Earp/The Star

According to comments on the original article posted in the Shelby Star,  the dogs were listed as “labs” when found and the family searching for them came up empty.  Animal control slapped them with a hefty fine to claim the puppies so they ended up turning them over.

Retrievers attract widespread adoption interest at County shelter – The Shelby Star

Golden Retriever Left To Starve – Eats Her Own Tail

Mason City, Iowa  – The Humane Society of North Iowa has saved the day for Goldie, who is described as ” a seven- year-old female Golden Retriever with a survivalist instinct, a forgiving spirit and a heart of pure gold” by HSNI  executive director Sybil Soukup.


Goldie was left outside in a kennel for 3 weeks with no food and little water with seven other dogs after their owner had been evicted. They were discovered by the landlord of the property, severely malnourished. Goldie weighed a mere 46 lbs.  It appears she had chewed most of her tail off in order to survive.

Due to the dogs age and condition, the landlord was going to take the dog to the veterinarian to be euthanized.

The landlord made a last minute decision and contacted the HSNI and they advised they had resources to help the dog.  Goldie has had surgery on her tail and is gaining weight.

All other dogs found at the home have been adopted, but Goldie awaits a forever home.


Goldie – HSNI

To visit Goldie’s adoption page, click here.

Golden Video Of The Week – Bringing Home Dakota

This is a really cool video of Dakota, a golden retriever being adopted and his journey to his new home.

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retrievers in Christmas Parade

Adopt A Golden Atlanta is the second largest Golden Retriever rescue in the US.  They were a smash hit of the 2012 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade.  60 golden retrievers turned out for the event, including Brodie, who was able to cross another item off her bucket list!  Ahhh, so many goldens in one place!!

Rescued: Kanga, A Blind Golden Retriever

Kanga was found wandering in a field in Southern California with another golden, possibly his brother.  Kanga is blind and suffers from congenital defects in his front paws.  Eight months after being rescued by the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue, Kanga was adopted by a wonderful man named John who has another dog named Gracie that leads Kanga around.  Kanga has even learned the stairs, and has memorized the location of his water bowl, etc.


Kanga was featured on The Pet Collective’s segment “The Unadoptables”

Kanga seems very happy in his new home.  Another great rescue story!  Too bad he couldn’t have been adopted with the other stray golden, but this seems like a great match.

Adoptable Golden Retrievers – Rescue one today!

I vow to try my best to keep my Pinterest board up to date on Adoptable Golden Retrievers.    Hopefully the links will show if they are adopted anyways, but thank you for reading this post, and considering rescuing a golden retriever.  If you need assistance, please contact me at with the subject “rescue” and I will be sure to respond within 24 hours with local goldens in need of rescue.

This is Chris - 2 yrs old. He is an owner surrender to a local shelter -  he kept escaping the yard. He has not had much training and is a high energy boy. He gets along with other dogs, has not been cat or kid tested. Chris needs a forever home that will take him to obedience class, provide him with plenty of exercise and make him part of the family. He is at Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue CA.

Chris – 2 year old male – Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue CA. (click on picture for link)

Please click here to see my Pinterest board on adoptable golden retrievers.  You can also Google “golden retriever rescue ___________” your state, province, whatever.  Petfinder is another source, just use common sense and beware of those who want to “give away” their dog. (although sometimes, these can be the most urgent cases!)

Ideally, I would like to have a listing of all golden retriever rescue organizations…another thing I strive for.

If you are still reading this post, thank you!  Thank you for considering Golden Retriever Rescue!

I have said it before and I will say it again, although I strongly support the dedicated and responsible golden retriever breeders, I vow to only choose rescue from here on out.  I’ve been there, done that with the puppy (twice) and will continue to support the breed on a daily basis, but my heart strongly feels the need to reach out to one of these senior or special needs goldens.  Now to convince the boyfriend…

Betty White. Just one more reason to love Golden Retrievers

Betty White is an actress and animal activist. She also happens to own a golden retriever named Pontiac.  He was rescued from Guide Dogs For the Blind in 2010.  Before that, she had a golden named Kitta, also a rescued former guide dog who had bad hips.

Betty was an only child growing up and only had pets as siblings.  She eventually came to love the golden retriever for it’s ability to read their humans feelings.  Kitta took care of Betty after her hip surgery, and she spent her 90th birthday with her favorite companion, Pontiac.

Once someone has had the good fortune to share a true love affair with a Golden Retriever, one’s life and one’s outlook is never quite the same.” –Betty White

I was born in the very early seventies, and grew up watching Betty White on Mary Tyler More, The Golden Girls,and more recently, on Hot in Cleveland and Off Their Rockers.

Betty was recently honored at The Second Annual American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards.Here she met Surf Dog Ricochet (another amazing Golden Retriever!) and agreed to match any donations that were raised on the sale of a custom made dog dress for dogs in need.

Click here to read the article from Dogster.

Here is Betty White  and Pontiac pairing with the Morris Animal Foundation to fight canine cancer.  Another great site that needs to be mentioned (and worth a whole blog post) is Land of Pure Gold.  This is a site ran by Rochelle Lasseur dedicated to cancer research in golden retrievers.  It is my favorite golden retreiver site on the web.  Click here to read a great article about Betty White from Rochelle.

Thank you Betty White, for all you do for animals!