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Buy A Golden Retriever Chalkboard and Give Back!

The statuesque photo of the golden retriever caught my eye immediately while browsing my Facebook news feed last night. The Dogington Post was holding Facebook contest to win a chalkboard decal of your favorite breed.  (The winners are to be announced this Monday, June 17th)   I entered the contest of course!


The chalkboards are sold by a family-owned company called  Steadfast Friends from Utah who also offer temporary tattoos and iphone cases of golden retrievers (and almost any other breed you can think of!).  The article in the Dogington post says they are currently offering a 20% discount on the chalkboards when you use the code: steadfast20%

Here is the super cool part – Steadfast Friends will donate 10% of ANY purchase to the charity of your choice.  Your three options are The Guide Dog Foundation, Best Friends (Utah) and America’s Vet Dogs.

Something to consider as a gift for the dog lovers in your life, (or yourself!) while giving back!

Product Win – Nylabone Dental Chew Bone

I purchased a Nylabone bone for Tucker last week.  He absolutely loves it.  I consider it a “Product Win”.

Nylabone Dental Chew

Nylabone Dental Chew

It is very interactive and it swivels, and apparently has bacon flavor.  Tucker rates it a 10 out of 10.

Golden-opoly Anyone?

Just when you think you have heard it all!!  Thanks to Becky White at DogsTwentyFourSeven for sharing this board game for golden retriever lovers.  Golden-opoly is made by a U.S company called Late For The Sky.  They make custom board games and puzzles.

goldenopolyFor 2-6 players 8 and up.

Increase your rent by buying Toys for your dogs and upgrading them to Big Bones.  Sounds easy enough until you get fleas, have an accident on the carpet, or worse yet, get sent to the kennel!

How cute!

Product Win – Green Leaf Pets Lotion Bar

Does your golden retriever have “ruff”, cracked paws?  Tucker does.  A few weeks ago My Dog Paws was donating $1 for every lotion bar purchased to the ASPCA in honor of Puppybowl.


I decided to order a bar for Tucker and we received in the mail a few days later.  I put some on Tucker’s paws and rubbed it in.  He didn’t seem to mind at all.  The results were instant.

I really like this lotion bar because it doesn’t leave an oily or greasy residue on the dogs paws that will ruin your carpets and floors.  I think a 2 oz tin will probably last his lifetime.  It can also be used on dry noses.

The bars are all natural, chemical free and fragrance free.

They offer free shipping anywhere in the US. (Due to high shipping costs, they are unable to ship Internationally at this time)

Pamper your golden today!

Update:  The company is expanding to other animals, and have changed their name to Green Leaf Pets.

Check them out on line at Green Leaf Pets and like their Facebook page.

Be sure to tell them The Daily Golden sent you!

Does Your Golden Retriever Use The “Gentle Leader”?

When we go for walks, we either take Tucker in the car to the trails to run off leash or take him to the local school yard to run and catch the ball.  Sometimes the start of the walk is a little stressful, because he pulls, but after he has had his run, Tucker is the perfect gentleman on leash.

gentle l

Photo: Pawcurious

When I owned Malamutes, we always used the “Gentle Leader” which, I believe, we called “The Halti” at the time.  I always felt it looked like the dog was muzzled, and I am not alone in this.  It almost seems like you are accepting defeat, and in order to exercise your dog, you must do what you have to do.  I don’t condemn this.   I just don’t want to have to result to it.  I am fairly stubborn and assertive, (mixed with lots of love) and know how to stop dead in my tracks and change direction etc.  Tucker is a bit of a challenge.   He is very exuberant.  He wants to check out everything.  There is also the prong collar I still have hanging on my hook by the front door, but with Tucker’s extreme need to explore everything (he is still a baby) I would never bring myself to use it on him.   There is a time and place for prong collars, but this is not it.

So, In order to look like the perfect dog person in my neighborhood, (people must think we never walk our dog because we do it late at night or drive him to the trails) do I result to the Gentle Leader to mingle with the other folks?  Do I wait about 6 more months when I know he will be able to deal a little better?

What are your thoughts on such a beautiful, gentle and friendly breed using the gentle leader?

Here is a video of a golden puppy trying to get used to his Gentle Leader.  Is this torture?  Or not?  I think once they get used to putting it on, and know what the end result is, they will wear it with pride.  I still can’t bring myself to do it!

What do you think?

Product “Win”

I have a “Product Fail” category, so introducing my “Product Win” category.  I used a previous brand, but this one takes the cake.  It is the Chuckit Max Glow ball.

After holding the ball up to a pot light for about a minute, it glowed for at least half an hour.  We like to take Tucker for walks late at night sometimes, because of my shiftwork and all, and the fact that the local schoolyard is empty.  We have lost several balls etc because we can’t find them if he gets distracted. (“Squirrel!!”)   He had a good run tonight with his new Chuckit.  It was beautiful to see him running back to us with that big green glowing ball in his mouth.  You can also stuff the ball with treats. or hear a whistling sound when you throw it.  There is a handle you can also buy, which prevents you from bending over, getting slobber on your hands, and helps you throw the ball up to 3x further.  A must have for any golden retriever owner!!!!

Chuckit is rated very high on Amazon as well as The Golden Retriever Forum.