Golden Retriever Experiences Virtual Reality – Cruel or Not?

This golden retriever Max is trying out some virtual reality goggles.  I found this video on People Pets, along with a Part 2, showing some of the scenes the dog was subjected to.

In the video comments, many are calling this animal abuse, and saying the dog is in distress.  Personally, I have seen worse.  What do you think?

Video: Golden Retrievers in Halloween Costumes

I’m sorry I didn’t find this sooner…

Thanks to Life is Golden on YouTube

Vote for the Winner in Summer Puppy Photo Contest

The entries are in.  Unfortunately I didn’t receive 10 good quality puppy photos with a summer theme, but have narrowed it down to 8 photos.  Vote for the winner in summer puppy photo contest.  Winner will receive a Pupbox !

  1. Paisley the puppy.


    Instagram @Paisleythepuppy

  1. Sleepy Puppy “Lily”

Photo: Brooke Terrio

3.  “Hearts” (Winnie)


Photo: Dina Pobudanovic

4.  “Rusty”


“Rusty” by Bill C

5:  Pool Pup


Photo: Kristen Stavisky

6.  Zoey


Photo: Vanessa Gonzalez

7,  Handsome (“Lucca”)

Photo: Elizabeth Field

Photo: Elizabeth Field

8.  “Brooklyn”

"Brooklyn" - Cady Faraci

“Brooklyn” – Cady Faraci

Congratulations Handsome!  I will be contacting you for an address to send you your Pupbox!


Summer Puppy Photo Contest Extended!

It’s time for a contest!  Two of my favorite things…summer and puppies.  The Daily Golden is looking for your cutest summer puppy picture.Submit your best photo of your golden retriever puppy enjoying summer by July 29*th for a chance to win a Pupbox delivered to your door.  (this contest is available to North American readers only)

TO ENTER:  Email photos to  Photos can be recent or old, but photo must be a puppy.  Enter as many photos as you like, but one photo per email please.  Photos will be shared if chosen so please indicate who credit belongs to. Photos must be your own.

The top 10 photos will be posted and you will be asked to vote fo your favourite photo.

WInner to be announced on August 15, 2017.  Stay tuned for adorable puppy pictures!!!


Pupbox is a puppy subscription box that is customized to your puppy as he or she grows, and delivered to right to your door.  To receive a 10% discount use code DG10.

*contest extended from July 25  20177


Photo Contest Winners International Golden Retriever Day

After much deliberating, the winner of the contest is…

Photo: Instagram @house_bears

Photo: Instagram @house_bears

Ball?  What ball?  I’m so gorgeous.   Hi”

Congratulations Jennifer!

Some honourable mentions to

Photo: Jenna Johannessen Lavaliere/Facebook

Photo: Jenna Johannessen Lavaliere/Facebook

Photo: Instagram @krista_and_bo

Photo: Instagram @krista_and_bo

And our Instagram winner…

Photo: Instagram @raisingmaisie

Photo: Instagram @raisingmaisie

Thanks for sharing your photos, I loved them all!

This golden retriever singing along to the piano will make your day

This is Oscar.  He can’t seem to help himself when his human starts to play “The Prayer”.

And here’s an encore…check out the audience member in the background…

We can’t wait till Oscar learns some more songs…so far he only chooses to sing to this one.

Any ideas what song might make Oscar sing?  I suggest “Memory”….like from Cats.


Golden Video of the Week -Golden Retriever Wont Go Through Open Door

Poor Buddy.  According to his owner, Brittany, Buddy bumped his head once when the patio door was closed and it took him a few weeks to build up enough trust to walk through the door again.

  • image

The struggle is real!  Must watch till the end!