Brodie’s Bucket List – A Golden Retriever’s Last Days…

This one had me sobbing.  Sometimes these things happen, but we need to celebrate the life.  Brodie, you will be remembered….


This is taken from YouTube Channel Vince DiCecco here.

“Brodie is a 7-year old, female, Hunter Red Golden Retriever who has recently been diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma–an incurable cancer in canines that resides in the blood vessel walls and attacks the major organs. Her prognosis only gives us a few months to enjoy her.

We’ve created a bucket list for Brodie and, over the past three weeks, riding in a fire truck, hiking to the top of Kennesaw Mountain and Brasstown Bald (the highest point in GA), wading in Helton Creek Falls, enjoying a McDonald’s ice cream cone, attending a summer stock performance of Seussical the Musical, visiting the Newtown Dream Dog Park, and walking along the shoreline of and on a floating boat dock on Lake Allatoona have all been crossed off her list. More fun things to follow..”

Please check out the YouTube Channel, with more of Brodie…

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  1. I’ve seen this before. I love that they are also giving themselves some beautiful memories of the time with Brody.


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