Bike riding Golden Retriever from China may be getting new wheels! Can Jeff Find LiLi’s owner?

Do you remember the video of the golden retriever “LiLi” in China that guarded her owners bike while he went into a store, then jumped on the seat of the bike while the owner peddled away, watch it now!

I just adore this video, the dog seems to have quite a sense of humor!  I love how she barks when she is “ready to go”  We really do need an invention that could let our furry friends ride on the back of our bikes, should they get tired, or just simply not feel like making the trek.  We all know what that feels like. With today’s technology, it shouldn’t be impossible.  How long have we had child carriers?  I think it would take quite a bit of athletic skill to balance the bike with the dog, but in the video, it seems like the dog does her balancing all on her own. This video caused an internet frenzy, and several people are concerned for the safety of the dog.  An internet blogger in Thailand, only known as Jeff, started a blog called “Pimp My Seat” to raise money to build a bike for LiLi her owner.  The blogs latest post shows they have raised $120.07 as of 5-2-12 7:44 AM CST.  Jeff has taken a hit with Youtube over a “cockfighting video” but plans on making his way to China and finding LiLi and her owner, and creating a bike that is safe for them to travel with.  Thanks Jeff.  Golden Retrievers are worth all the love that they give us each and every day.  I am never at a loss for content on this blog about the amazing things these golden retrievers do for us on a daily basis…?  I hope that “Jeff” is honest in his quest, and is successful in his endeavor.   Stay tuned to my blog for more updates in Lili‘s ride.

6 thoughts on “Bike riding Golden Retriever from China may be getting new wheels! Can Jeff Find LiLi’s owner?

  1. Thank you for this posting this on your site. I am Jeff from the midwest living in Bangkok. I did have an issue with Youtube, but thankfully through a friend, I was able to plead my case inside Youtube and they have reinstated my account in under 24 hours. I woke up at 5AM BKK time and found a great response on the website.

    It has been truly amazing the response and only a few people have had concerns over this being an internet scam. I have state before I am willing to talk via video skype/phone/email or in person if you are around Bangkok.

    I will soon be posting a poll to vote for our favorite designs to get a bike/trailer. Keep checking in as I will post video/pictures of the journey.

    Thank you again for posting this on your site.

    From the Land of Smiles,

  2. I don’t know anything about the”controversy” regarding this, but it’s a great video! Thanks for posting this Shannon, and for following my blog. I’ll be following yours, too- Golden people need to stick together!

  3. So just wanted to keep you in the loop Shannon and your subscribers. I have got into touch with LiLi owner’s I was able to track down a cell number in under a week! Got to love the power of the internet!

    So basically, I am now trying to get a visa for China (easier said than done from BKK). I think I have got everything I need arranged (they now require you to show proof of flight/hotel bookings just to apply for a visa) . . This kind of messed my plans up because I love to travel on a whim and cheap, so booking something doesn’t really go with my travel style. I like to scope out a city and go look for that budget hotel instead of dealing with booking sites where you never get a good idea of where your staying. That being said, I went and applied for a visa about a week ago and since I forgot my business card, they refused to even look at my application 🙁 . .. The embassy is on the complete opposite side of BKK (1 1/2 hours by motorbike taxis, trains and more taxis) The embassy only accepts applications a few hours in the morning M-F and it is always packed with people and lines. Going back next week for round 2.

    If all goes as planned I hope to touch down on June 5th and be back to BKK around the 9th.

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