Arthritis? Stem Cell Therapy an option for Golden Retrievers

"Colonel" courtesy Deni McDonald

“Colonel” courtesy Deni McDonald

If your golden retriever suffers from arthritis, there is a fairly new procedure that may be an option.  Stem cell treatment  is far less expensive and invasive then joint replacement surgery.

Stem cell therapy involves taking stem cells from a part of the dogs’ body, harvesting them and re-injecting them into the affected area.

Depending on where you live the procedure costs around $2000.  According to the following article, results are almost instant.

Arthritic Dogs Helped By Stem Cell Treatment – CBC News

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  1. Hello, have you looked into stem cells therapy? It seems to be very good: my friend worksin a clinic in Mexico where they give embryonic stem cells treatment and she told me they get better result than anything else… What’s your thought about this kind of treatment? Most people that i talk with are scared because it’s so new!

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