ANOTHER Golden Retriever shot by Police in Alabama

Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

Is it a matter of shoot first, and ask questions later?  Are there a lot of aggressive Golden Retrievers in Alabama?  Whatever the case may be, and everyone can speculate, another golden has been shot by Police in the state of Alabama.

According to WAAY News,  Police were responding to a domestic violence call in Madison, when a golden retriever was shot in the shoulder.  One story is that the dog lunged at the officer, but the owners claim the dog was 10 yards away when the officer shot it.  Witnesses paint a picture of keystone cop type of episode, where the officer fired, fell back, and fired some more shots into the air.  Sounds like something from a bad comedy if you ask me.

English: American Golden Retriever

Photo Cred: Wikipedia (NOT actual dog from story)


This dog is expected to recover, and the Madison Police Department have agreed to cover the veterinary costs. (admission of guilt?)

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