Adam Levine’s (fairly new) Puppy – “Bones”

Did Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice judge Adam Levine get a new dog?  Adam has yet to mention the death of his golden retriever “Frankie girl” publicly.  I did a blog post back in March about this and it is one of my most viewed posts:

Adam Levine Says Goodbye to His Golden Retriever Frankie Girl

Since there have been several search terms on my blog stats lately including “Adam Levine” “Dog” “Bones” I began searching the internet to try and answer that question and it looks like Adam got himself a “golden doodle” back in March of this year.

Here’s what I have found so far:

1)  A breeder stating she sold one of her golden doodles to Adam Levine.  Apparently he received the dog as a gift.

Cookers Urban Homestead - Golden Doodle Breeder - this photo has the caption "Sold to Adam Levine"

Cookers Urban Homestead – Golden Doodle Breeder – this photo has the caption “Sold to Adam Levine”

My Google search also revealed a Flickr page that looks to belong to the dog’s breeder.  The photo is copyrighted so just click here to view it.  It is accompanied by the following caption:

“I sold this puppy to Adam Levine from Maroon and The Voice in March 2013. He supposedly got the puppy as a birthday gift after his beloved Golden Retriever Frankie passed away. I still have not seen any photos of him with the puppy, but I’m sure they will be surfacing soon! Come on Adam, we want to see your new puppy!!

2)  This was on a forum thread from a site called Bellazon about Adam’s current girlfriend Nina Agdal and it read:

“Sure that is a real dog… Adam got it in March and also Behati has had pictures with it when they were still on / off dating (or she either was with Adam’s family, who is quite fond of her it seems even after their relationship fumbled, because she took this picture with the dog in April I think and they were supposed to be split by then).”

Bones_Adam_DogI think they are referring to the picture on the bottom right.  It almost doesn’t look real! (Click here to visit thread)

3)  An Instagram photo of someone who appears to be backstage at a taping of “The Voice”


4:  And there’s this tweet from Hart Hanson:


So there you have it.  Evidence seems to show that Adam Levine has replaced his beloved golden retriever Frankie girl with a golden doodle…”Bones”.

If you have any photos or information on “Bones” please share them in the comments.

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  3. Hello!

    My name is Abra and I am the breeder that had this puppy. I did in fact sell the puppy in the photo above to Adam Levine in March of this year. I have the receipt from when I shipped Adam the puppy on Delta airlines. I have been waiting to see if any more pictures would surface. The photos that you posted certainly seem like the same dog to me! He was such a sweet little puppy, I hope that Adam is enjoying him! Feel free to use any of the puppy photos from my Flickr page, I can email you a release form if you want. I am a very small breeder, but we will be having one more litter of puppies like this later this year. I have a waiting list with available spots now.

  4. Hello,

    I am the dog breeder that owns ‘Cookers Doodles’. I did in fact sell that puppy to Adam Levine in March, shortly after Frankie passed away. His assistant said that a client was buying the dog for him as a gift, but that’s all I know. Feel free to use the photos from my Flickr page. Bones is the name that I gave the puppy before I sold it, so it’s interesting that he kept that name! He was a very sweet puppy and it looks like he’s going to live a great life. I hope Adam is enjoying him and I would love to see more pictures of my baby.


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