Actor Desmond Tan Suffers Bite From Golden Retriever

In Singapore, MediaCorp actor Desmond Tan stopped by a friend’s place on New Years Eve and ended up spending the night in the emergency room. In a telephone interview with XINMSN Tan says:

“I was stroking my friend’s Golden Retriever when it suddenly dashed into my face and attacked my nose.”

Desmond Tan/

Desmond Tan/

The next day, Desmond tweeted:
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Back in October, Tan posted this tweet, with an Instagram picture of him and a golden retriever.  I wonder if it’s the same one…?

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So apparently the dog is shy.  Goldens are known to have excellent bite inhibition, and this probably could have been a lot worse.  Hopefully it doesn’t leave a scar!  (and the dog’s issues can be resolved!)  The actor is traveling to Japan in the near future to film a commercial, and will conceal his injury with makeup.

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It sounds like Desmond is a dog lover.  He has an English Cocker Spaniel named Hoshi who has him wrapped around his finger!

Desmond Tan and Hoshi/

Desmond Tan and Hoshi/

Celebs and their Pets – Desmond Tan (xinmsn)

3 thoughts on “Actor Desmond Tan Suffers Bite From Golden Retriever

  1. Golden Retrievers are not known for biting I think there is a little more to this story than is being told….I have owned German Shepherds, Labs and a variety of dogs, often if a dog bites in a “social situation” it due to human instigation….

    • Thanks for commenting Angie! Unfortunately some goldens do bite, but I would like to assume it is not common in well bred lines. And you are right, there probably is more to this story!

      • I agree, all breed of dog not matter their “pedigree” have the ability to “bite” . Goldens “in my opinion” are the more docile breed, I have owned “territorial dogs” and have never had one bite anyone , something must have happened for this golden to bite….Love the post…but any animal provoked will bite, cat, rabbit , rat….Dog…. or Golden..:)

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