A Boy and A Dog

I recently came across this video and thought it was absolutely beautiful.

Then I began to read the comments (why do I do this?) and it became so much more…I personally find no issue with this interaction, but some say the dog is being “dominant” and others say it is being cruel to the boy.  Others turn this into a religous battle.

Everyone’s a critic.  Hope you enjoy!

8 thoughts on “A Boy and A Dog

  1. Shouldn’t have watched that on my way out of the house with make up already on. How can anyone watch that and see anything other than love? Thanks for sharing (even if I have to re-do my mascara)!

  2. Ok I have tears streaming down my face and my nose is running like crazy, Thank you very much! That is the most beautiful video I’ve seen in awhile 🙂 That poor old dog just would not give up!!! Beautiful boy with a beautiful dog! I love it! Thank you for sharing !!!!!!

  3. A few years back one of our granddaughters was exhibiting fear of dogs, specifically their neighbor’s dogs. Then they came for a visit to our house. Our old golden rolled over submitting and pawing like a puppy. Grandthing2 told mom and dad that Tessa made her happy. They now have a dog. Dogs can reach children when no one else can.
    THANK YOU for sharing this simply beautiful video.
    ps – ignore the naysayers

  4. I don’t see how people can see anything wrong with this video.
    Everybody is an expert, a behaviorist, makes me sick to read comments on youtube sometimes.
    Great video, thanks for sharing.

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