8 year old Golden Retriever rescues Autistic Boy

Autumn, an 8 year old Golden Retriever with no search and rescue experience, was among several volunteers who turned up “in the hundreds” in Prescott Wisconsin after 5 year old Scott Meyer had wandered away from his yard about 20 hours earlier.

“Autumn” Photo: David Brewster, Star Tribune

Scott is a 5 year old autistic boy who does not communicate with words.  Not only was the extreme heat a factor in the urgency of finding Scott, but there is a river and train tracks in the area as well.

Scott Meyer Photo courtesy of Star Tribune

Jason Moser, and his wife Melissa, who have two children of their own, almost didn’t bring Autumn on the search due to the extreme heat, but because she loves children and looked ready to go, they decided to bring her along on the 20 minute drive from Ellsworth to help with the search.

At about 8 am on Wed July 4rth, Autumn led Jason to an area tucked under a tree near a small slope, and that’s when Jason heard the whimpering.  .  Scott accepted water from Jason, who immediately notified others of his findings.

Moser was there to witness the hugs from family before the boy was whisked off the the hospital.

Scott was taken to The Children’s Hospital in St. Paul where he was treated for dehydration, sunburn, bug bites and severe diaper rash, according to a family member.

Jason and Melissa Moser plan to treat Autumn to a steak. Good job Autumn!

Full story from the StarTribune here.

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