Saying Goodbye – A Tribute to Daisy

Wanted to share this beautiful tribute to Daisy.

One thought on “Saying Goodbye – A Tribute to Daisy

  1. Caryn, I am so sorry for your loss. Reading this brought a tear to my eye. I had the roller coaster of emotions last April myself, when I had to make a decision to say goodbye to my dear little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 3 days before my wedding.

    I am now also the owner of a lovely young golden retriever – born shortly after my wedding and bred by my twin sister. My sister had actually rescued a sweet-natured blue heeler and he too passed away suddenly of a hemangiosarcoma – like your lovely girl, there was no sign of this until the day that she needed to say goodbye. Her husband is a Veterinary Surgeon, so she was also able to find the cause of his sudden onset of crippling pain. It was certainly of some comfort to know that saying goodbye was in fact the kindest thing she could have done for him. I had no idea that this disease was also common in golden retrievers, along with lymphoma.

    Daisy is just beautiful and I can see from the photos what a special pet she must have been. Cherish all of your wonderful memories and know that you gave her a great life xx

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