Golden Retriever Works At Dental Office

Brooke is a four year old golden retriever with a part time job.  Her owner, Dr. Paul Weiss works at a pediatric dental office, and he brings four legged companion with him to the office two days a week.  Brooke is a trained therapy dog.

Brooke helps ease the kids fear of dental work by laying and cuddling with the child during procedures.


In one article in the  The Globe and Mail, Amberly McAteer writes  “Even for a dog-loving, dentist-fearing girl, this is going too far.”

Dogs at the office? – Fine, but this is taking it too far.

Some of the comments in the articles question if this is sanitary.  Weiss says the office is thoroughly cleaned and Brooke has baths before her shifts at the office.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind snuggling with a golden while having my teeth worked on.

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Please take a minute and leave your feedback.  Do you think this is going too far?

5 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Works At Dental Office

  1. Forget Bubba, that’s what mumma needs! I’m terrified of the dentist (with good reason) but I’d be more inclined to go if I could have puppy cuddles while they were doing what they needed to do.

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    I have to reblog this from the Daily Golden. I wish my dentist would use this method of easing the tension of sitting in their chair. Dogs give us so much. They are truly incredible. Kudos to this dentist for thinking out of the box.

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