25 Golden Retrievers who are Snake Charmers (Instagram)

As an active member of the Instagram community, I can’t ignore the trend that is snake charmers. (aka #snakecharmers)

Here’s one of my favorite blogging golden retrievers, TheK9HarperLee, exhibiting the snake charming ritual…

Photo:  TheK9HarperLee

Photo: TheK9HarperLee

And here are 24 more great shots of golden retrievers being snake charmers..courtesy of Instagram.

Couldn’t help it. These aren’t Golden’s but.

Feel free to add your snake charming photo to the comments, or tag on Instagram #snakecharmers. Get your snake here!

5 thoughts on “25 Golden Retrievers who are Snake Charmers (Instagram)

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I love, love, love being one of the #snakecharmers. Just last night I was charming my snake so enthusiastically that my humans couldn’t hear themselves think!

  2. Awesome and thanks for featuring my account! #snakecharmers are taking over the world!

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