Adam Levine Says Goodbye to His Golden Retriever Frankie Girl

According to some Instagram posts by Savannah Buffet, a friend of the band Maroon 5, Adam Levine’s beloved golden retriever Frankie passed away recently.

All day Adam Levine/Tumblr

The post read

I got to spend my last birthday by the pool with our darling Frankie girl. The bros have lost a major member of the clan today. I will always remember her smiling. That’s the way it should be!!!”

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Another post read

“One of my favorites things in the world was to wake up with this lady at my feat. So long sweet Frankie!!!”

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Adam and Frankie were very close, and Adam even had a tattoo with Frankie’s pawprint and the words “Frankie Girl” tattooed on his shoulder. (See Celebrity Golden Retriever Owners – Adam Levine)

RIP Frankie Girl.  (This news cannot be found to be confirmed by Adam himself at this time, i.e Twitter)

13 thoughts on “Adam Levine Says Goodbye to His Golden Retriever Frankie Girl

  1. How sad. :( My golden turned 12 today, so I took her to dog beach, her favorite place. I hate to think of her not being with me. She is fine and acts like a kid at the beach. Then she pays for it later. :) Just like mom!

  2. condolences to adam levine, the loss of a beloved animal is heart breaking. may we not know from these things. frankie girl is on the other side of the rainbow bridge. all watching us.

  3. im shocked. im a marooner and i love adam levine and also have twitter, so yesterday i got home from school and checked my twitter………and saw #RIPFRANKIEGIRL trending…..

    • Thanks Michelle. Don’t know why “the media” doesn’t care unless they are waiting till closer to next season of The Voice. Hope that isn’t the case. I assume Adam wants to keep it to himself. For as long as possible. That’s fair. No doubt he is grieving.

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