Police Officer In Michigan Shoots, Kills Golden Retriever

An 8 year old golden retriever named “Scout” was shot and killed this past weekend in St Louis Michigan by a Cst Matt VanHall.  Conflicting reports as to why this happened, but according to the officer the dog charged at him.  One eye witness accounts this was not the case.   Wamsley told the officer the dog did not belong to her, and that it was not dangerous.  Her one version of the story is shocking.  She even confesses the officer continued to shoot the dog while his back was turned.  Full story from the Examiner here. So many questions are raised here…did the dog live in the backyard all the time?  Did the dog charge the officer?  I realize that not all golden retrievers fit the bill when it comes to temperament.  We can thank our irresponsible breeders for that.  Here is a copy of Cst VanHall’s police report.

An all day protest was held today at the St Louis Town Hall, which is across from the police station where Cst VanHall is employed.  Bottom line, if police are not equipped to handle dogs at large, perhaps they should contact animal control before taking such drastic actions.

Photo: WNEM.com

Regardless of the circumstances, my heart goes out to the Goetzingers.  People, please keep your golden(s) close!

5 thoughts on “Police Officer In Michigan Shoots, Kills Golden Retriever

  1. I can’t watch the video. This is just sick and wrong regardless of the breed. I agree with Doggy’s Style!


  2. I lived in St. Louis Michigan for years and the small town, couldn’t cut it in the state police mentallity is horrible at best. These folks have nothing to do and want an excuse to “do their job”. I and my family moved out of that town for one reason: my lawyer suggested I do so due to the local cops. I haven’t lived there for almost 10 years and I see nothing has improved. Get out of St. Louis Mich. It’s nicer…everywhere else.

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