11 Golden Retriever Puppies Stolen, Returned Home Safely

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11 puppies were stolen on the 6 or 7 of January in Westwell, England and it ended up being all over the local media.  9 of the puppies were 7 weeks old and had not been vaccinated or micro chipped.  The other two were 9 weeks old, and had been both vaccinated and micro chipped.  Apparently they were being raised in a heated garage on a vacant property but being visited during the day.


The owners searched frantically, and eventually, after a tip on The Dog Lost website, the puppies were located in a garage, and returned to their owners/breeders.


Joy as 11 pedigree golden retriever puppies found safe after being stolen from house in Westwell Near Ashford – Kentonline.co.uk

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  1. thank goodness they were found. maybe in the future the micro chips will have a gps built in. than people will think twice about stealing them. did they find the person[s] responsible.

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