Another Video of a Golden Retriever Welcoming a Soldier

I can’t get enough of these, ever.  Here is “Izzy” welcoming home her dad after a 9 month deployment in Kuwait.  I wonder if she peed!  lol.  Beautiful.  And thank you for your service Lt Burich. Video courtesy of Rachel Burich.

50 Shades of Grey – Golden Retriever Edition

Check out this trailer for 50 Shades of Grey – Golden Edition from Ginger the Golden Retriever’s Fan Page. Do you remember the viral video Breakfast at Ginger’s?


Well current goldens “Annie-Stasia” and Buddy star in their own golden retriever version.  Brilliant!


Evil Cat wont let Golden Retriever Down the Stairs

Bo-Sox the golden retriever is being taunted by Chevy the cat.  Enter the brave german shepherd Fenway to save the day.  Enjoy!


25 Golden Retrievers Celebrating the 4rth of July

Golden retrievers sure don’t mind getting dressed up or posing for the camera, especially when treats are involved.  I asked my Facebook and Instagram followers to submit photos of their goldens celebrating.  Thanks to everyone who sent in photos, I wish I could share them all.  Here are some of my favorites.

California Goldens from Nancy – Facebook


“Breezie” from Steve – Facebook


Quincy Phillips – Who turns 2 this 4rth of July – Happy Birthday!

"Jessie" from Martha - Facebook

“Jessie” from Martha – Facebook


Fletcher and Gracie – Facebook


“Digger” from Lisa CT – Facebook


“Bodhe” from Trish – Facebook


“Cupcake” from Anna, FL – Facebook


Sully, Murphy Brown and Carter from Johnann FL – Facebook


“The Sofa Dogs” – Facebook

Last but not least, Sugar!

Here’s an article from her website: 4rth of July Pet Safety Tips


And a super cute video just because…

God Bless America!


Golden Video of the Week – Pool Party!!! How Many Goldens Can You Spot?

Happy Tails Resort is located in Norfolk, VA and looks like dog heaven.  These dogs are enjoying their pool party, and I love how the labs waste no time getting in the water.  How many goldens do you spot?  I have to go back and count again…

This photo was posted on Happy Tails Facebook page just this afternoon with the comment “waiting to go in the pool”



Filmed with a GoPro camera, here’s a view of a swim session from an underwater perspective.

Check out their YouTube channel for more great videos.

New Things Happening At The Daily Golden

If you are a regular blog follower on, this post is specifically for you. I’m currently at a loss because I have switched from to self-hosting at Bluehost and seem to have lost the “community feel” of my initial followers and friends. I’m talking Harper Lee, Grady, The Sundog Drift, DogDaz etc. Are these people still seeing my blog? Will they still continue to visit? These have been the most intimate blogging relationships I have had over the last two years.mallard

Do me a favor if you see this post fellow bloggers? Comment, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram message, or email me at – whatever you like to let me know you are still out there and I will make sure to specifically follow your blogs via email. I do not want to lose touch. This is difficult for me, but a decision best made sooner rather than later.

Please stick with me as I face these changes and keep up with all these goldens. They are all so wonderful and generally sweet.

Oh, and please feel free to visit my new page called “Stuff We Like” and recommend products I should add.   While you are there, buy something!.   Amazon is going to boot me if I don’t get any sales soon. (shameless plug).

WordPress followers, you are truly treasured.  Hope you get this.

Golden Retriever Lost for 20 Months is home Safe!

This father’s day was an extra special day for the Braun family of El Dorado Hills, CA. In October of 2012, Murphy, their female golden retriever, was lost during a camping trip to Hell Hole Reservoir. The Braun family posted flyers and started a Facebook page

Photo – Facebook

It appears that Murphy may have lived on roadkill and campers scraps and survived two cold winters in the Tahoe National Forest. There also seem to have been several sightings of the dog over the last two years, but no one could capture her.

This past months some campers contacted the Brauns after seeing the dog near their campsite. On June 7th, the Brauns brought one of Murphy’s blankets and Nathan’s baseball hat to camp host Jason Smith. That same night, after laying out the belongings, Murphy appeared and curled up on them. (how sweet is that?)

Eventually they were able to get a leash on Murphy, even though she was very skittish and took awhile to warm up to the fact that she was safe.

Finally this past Sunday, the Braun family, including their three children were reunited with their pet.  According to a story from, they are 99 percent sure the dog is Murphy, and are just waiting on DNA results.

Nathan Braun and Murphy - Photo: Facebook

Nathan Braun and Murphy – Photo: Facebook

Update:  June 22, 11:10pm ET:  It has been confirmed that the dog found is Murphy.  Here’s the article.