Golden Retriever Experiences Virtual Reality – Cruel or Not?

This golden retriever Max is trying out some virtual reality goggles.  I found this video on People Pets, along with a Part 2, showing some of the scenes the dog was subjected to.

In the video comments, many are calling this animal abuse, and saying the dog is in distress.  Personally, I have seen worse.  What do you think?

Video: Golden Retrievers in Halloween Costumes

I’m sorry I didn’t find this sooner…

Thanks to Life is Golden on YouTube

Pupbox – Review and Unboxing

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a Pupbox for the blog.  Pupbox is a monthly subscription box that is specifically customized to your puppy or dog based on age and size.  Each month a new package of toys and treats, accessories and training information are delivered right to your door.  The ultimate way to spoil your four legged friend for as little as $29 USD a month.

Here is a video of Tucker and I unboxing our Pupbox…

Here is a brief description of the items in our pupbox:

  1. Puppy Teething Rings from N-Bone – great for teething puppies!20170805_230948


2.  Stuffed interactive toy from Zippy Paws – The S.S. Zippy has fish that can pop in and out of the holes on the boat giving your puppy a fun experience.20170805_230753

3.  Dynamo Dog soft dog treats (Made in the USA, grain free)  These were peanut butter flavor and Tucker and his friends couldn’t get enough!20170805_230918

4.  Squeak and Light Ball by “Gnawsome” (and YES, it does glow!)20170805_230419

5.  Chilly Bone soft teething bone, freeze for easing gums during teething.20170805_230458

6.  A bully stick from Natural Dog Company20170805_230851


Pupbox has been featured on Shark Tank, and is the way of the future for pet owners who like to spoil their fur babies on a regular basis.

Click here to order your subscription today!  Use code TDG for a 10% discount.

Vote for the Winner in Summer Puppy Photo Contest

The entries are in.  Unfortunately I didn’t receive 10 good quality puppy photos with a summer theme, but have narrowed it down to 8 photos.  Vote for the winner in summer puppy photo contest.  Winner will receive a Pupbox !

  1. Paisley the puppy.


    Instagram @Paisleythepuppy

  1. Sleepy Puppy “Lily”

Photo: Brooke Terrio

3.  “Hearts” (Winnie)


Photo: Dina Pobudanovic

4.  “Rusty”


“Rusty” by Bill C

5:  Pool Pup


Photo: Kristen Stavisky

6.  Zoey


Photo: Vanessa Gonzalez

7,  Handsome (“Lucca”)

Photo: Elizabeth Field

Photo: Elizabeth Field

8.  “Brooklyn”

"Brooklyn" - Cady Faraci

“Brooklyn” – Cady Faraci

Congratulations Handsome!  I will be contacting you for an address to send you your Pupbox!


Summer Puppy Photo Contest Extended!

It’s time for a contest!  Two of my favorite things…summer and puppies.  The Daily Golden is looking for your cutest summer puppy picture.Submit your best photo of your golden retriever puppy enjoying summer by July 29*th for a chance to win a Pupbox delivered to your door.  (this contest is available to North American readers only)

TO ENTER:  Email photos to  Photos can be recent or old, but photo must be a puppy.  Enter as many photos as you like, but one photo per email please.  Photos will be shared if chosen so please indicate who credit belongs to. Photos must be your own.

The top 10 photos will be posted and you will be asked to vote fo your favourite photo.

WInner to be announced on August 15, 2017.  Stay tuned for adorable puppy pictures!!!


Pupbox is a puppy subscription box that is customized to your puppy as he or she grows, and delivered to right to your door.  To receive a 10% discount use code DG10.

*contest extended from July 25  20177


Sorry We’ve Been Away!

Hi everyone, thanks for sticking with my blog during this tumultuous year I have had.  Back to blogging soon, as I have my desktop computer back.

Tucker is doing well, a little too heavy, but spoiled as ever.  We are in the process of moving, but once I’m settled the blog will be back up and running.

Still always looking for products, stories, videos to blog about.  Send ideas, stories, etc to

Here’s a video I found on Buzzfeed Animals in the meantime.

Yours in Goldens,

Shannon and Tucker

Does this Golden Retriever Doing A Trick Upset You?

I shared this video on the Facebook page a few hours ago and it appears this video makes some readers upset.

There was an angry face reaction almost immediately, and a bit of a war in the comments section.  I think most people just saw it for wat it was, simply a dog doing a trick.

Funny, because you don’t hear about it when a dog balances a treat or other object, but I suspect it’s the fact that it is beer in the glass.

This is River, and the video is being taken at Sycamore Brewing in North Carolina. River’s owner says he likes to balance all sorts of things on his head, from pizza to jenga pieces.

Can I just say..please find something serious to get upset over…..  This dog is having the time of his life.

Full article from The Daily Mail here.